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Two Key Points For Safe Use Of Milking Machine
Sep 06, 2018

The milking machine is suitable for healthy cows with good breast structure and even nipple size and suitable length and thickness. The principle of milking machine is to imitate the physiological action of calves sucking milk. The pulsator produces milking and rest rhythm. The air enters the milk collector through the small hole of the milk collector to help transfer milk from the milk collector to the milk pipeline. If cows are unhealthy, they will not be able to squeeze high quality milk. Now understand the key points of its safe operation.

1. commissioning, cleaning and disinfection of milking machines. All milking machines must be carefully debugged and cleaned before they can be put into operation. Before starting milking, it is necessary to flush the pipes, pipes, measuring bottles, milk collectors, cup liners and milk collecting tanks of the milking machine with 40 C hot water circulation for 3 - 5 minutes to ensure that the hygienic conditions of these working parts meet the requirements.

2. adjust the vacuum pressure and pulsation frequency of milking machine. Vacuum pressure and pulsation frequency of milking machine are two very important performance parameters, which must be checked and adjusted at all times. Under normal circumstances, the working vacuum pressure of various milking machines is 50 thousand PA, and the pulsating frequency is 60 times / min. Using mechanical milking, the health of cows is very important.

Using milking machine must be based on the equipment instructions provided by the manufacturers, combined with the actual conditions of the users themselves, meticulous and strict formulation of operational procedures, as far as possible quantitative, dairy farmers, dairy farms and communities, according to the actual situation of the number of cows, capital capacity and the size of the farm. Reasonable selection of milking machinery varieties and models.

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