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Thermostatic Mixer
Oct 01, 2018

The thermostatic faucet can balance the water pressure of cold water and hot water automatically in a very short time through the thermostatic regulating valve core of the faucet to keep the temperature of water outlet stable without manual regulation.


As the thermostatic valve core is a very precise device, the internal processing of the thermostatic faucet housing in any form is also required to be very precise.

Water pressure requirements of general thermostatic faucets: 0.05mpa-0.59mpa. Water temperature requirements: water temperature of hot water shall be kept more than 7 degrees higher than the set temperature. It is better to continuously provide hot water with the temperature above 55 degrees.

Thermostatic faucets are used in homes, hotels, public bathhouses, and barbershops where water pressure often varies.

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