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The Origin Of Beer
Oct 05, 2018

The "blue monument" at the Louvre museum in Paris, records how the sumerians of Babylon sacrificed beer to the goddess in the 3rd century BC.In fact, the inventor of beer was a Sumerian.

Six thousand years ago, the sumerians who lived in Mesopotamia made their original beer from malt, but there was no rich foam.


Around 3,000 years ago, the sumerians of Persia learned how to make beer, and they carved their method on a board dedicated to the goddess of farming.Beer became popular among the babylonians in 2225 BC and was used to entertain guests.At that time, the ancient egyptians and ancient babylonians noticed the medicinal value of beer and began to use it to make medicine.The greeks also loved beer and learned how to make it from the egyptians.


In the 4th century, beer spread throughout northern Europe.The variety of beer began to be enriched, among which the English honey wine made by mixing honey and water was more famous.A type of stout that appears in England is also very famous, and already very similar to modern stout.In the first century, the Irish made their own beer similar to modern pale ale.

In 1516, the duchy of Bavaria, grand duke William iv, issued the German beer pure liquor act, which stipulated that beer could only be used as raw material for hops, wheat, yeast and water, and was the earliest food law

In the 19th century, the invention of the refrigerator, which allowed beer to froth, began to be processed at low temperatures and ripened.In 1900, when Russian technicians first set up a brewery in Harbin, China, the Chinese began drinking beer.In 1903, the British and germans built the anglo-german brewery in China, which is the predecessor of Qingdao brewery.

The name origin

The name "beer" is translated from the homonym of a foreign language. Take the word "beer" for beer.Later, some people refer to beer as "Bier" according to foreign terms, such as German and Dutch.Britain calls it "Beer";France calls it "Biere";Italy calls it "Birre";The romanian name is "Berea", etc. These foreign languages all contain the sound of "beer", so the Chinese word "beer" was translated into Chinese to create this loanword, and because of a certain amount of alcohol, the word "beer" was used in the translation, which is still used today.Japanese people also call beer "ale" because it is mainly made of malt.

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