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The Capital Of Valves-YUHUAN CITY
Oct 03, 2018

Yuhuan is located in the middle section of the golden coastline of the southeast coast of zhejiang, China, between two coastal open cities of taizhou and wenzhou, restricting the portals of taizhou and wenzhou.

Yuhuan is China hardware building materials (valve) export base, China water heating valve boutique production (procurement) base and the country's largest middle and low pressure copper valve production export base, 

In July 2003, yuhuan was granted by China hardware association "China valve capital" title, really established yuhuan in the domestic valve industry status.

Yuhuan valve industry started in 1981, after more than 20 years of development, has become the second pillar industry of yuhuan industry and the leading industry of export earning foreign exchange, taizhou city after the second bulk export products.At present, there are more than 740 enterprises and 30,000 people in the valve industry, mainly in the city of chumen, qinggang, longxi, kanmen, chengguan, Chen yu and other places.Since 2003, the annual output value of the valve industry is nearly 7 billion yuan, of which 3 billion yuan is exported, accounting for more than 50 percent of the export of similar products in China.Products mainly include copper valves and accessories, plumbing equipment, plunger valve three categories, among which copper valves and accessories account for more than 90%.


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