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Service Is Important
Oct 06, 2018

In the severe winter of 2018, many enterprises were trapped in difficulties. However, many enterprises overcame the severe cold and continued to maintain steady growth.

Many people have questions: why is Youlong able to stay in a volatile market and continue to develop?This is because Youlong ware not only products, technology, but also services.

At the end of 2017, Youlong ware further improved the after-sales service system, and standardized high-quality services, and implemented in a unified way throughout the country.

From January this year, the trial started, the local fast caused a quality service big action, has been the pilot region's dealers and consumers praise.In addition, the after-sales service team members from different regions, also responded to the policies of the head office with their actions, and interpreted the standardized system of excellent service to consumers with excellent service.

Hope our all kinds of bathroom taps,and accessories and Beer taps will send to all the world.


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