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Problems Encountered In The Use Of Milking Machine Accessories
Sep 06, 2018

After long-term use of milking machine accessories, there will be some common small problems, such as sudden temperature rise, in fact, this problem is very common and easy to solve, when you encounter such a situation, you might as well do a test to determine the problem:

1, first, the determination of working temperature. The measurement of temperature rise is usually carried out simultaneously with the measurement of step bearing capacity and transmission efficiency, or separately. In compliance with the regulations, read the working temperature at rated speed and rated input power.

2, secondly, the determination of environmental temperature. A thermometer is placed on the surface of milking equipment at 1.5m. The measuring point of the thermometer is equal to the height of the ground and the axis line of the milking equipment. The thermometer should not be affected by external radiation heat and air flow. The reading of the ambient temperature value and the reading of the working temperature value should be carried out simultaneously.

3, finally, the calculation of temperature rise. It is necessary to calculate according to professional formula.

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