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Method Of Operation For Beer Pressure Valve
Oct 03, 2018

1) oxygen cylinders must move slowly when discharging or opening the pressure reducer. If the valve opens too fast, the temperature of the gas in the working part of the pressure reducer is greatly increased by adiabatic compression, which may cause parts made of organic materials such as rubber fillers, rubber film fiber liners to catch fire and burn out, And the reducer can be completely burned out. In addition, because of the electrostatic sparks produced by the exhalation too fast and the oil pollution of the reducer, it will cause the burning and burning of the parts of the reducer. (2) precautions before installation and opening of cylinder valve: before installing the pressure reducer, slightly open the valve of oxygen cylinder and blow away dirt to prevent dust and moisture from being brought into the pressure reducer. When opening the cylinder valve, the valve outlet shall not be directed at the operator or others to prevent high pressure gas from rushing out and wounding. The outlet of the pressure reducer and the gas rubber hose joint must be tightened with the devitalized wire or clamps to prevent danger from being taken off after the gas is supplied. (3) matters needing attention in handling and working of the pressure reducer: attention must be paid to prevent the thread fastening and sliding teeth of the pipe joint so as to avoid shooting out when unfastening. Attention must be paid to the pressure value of the working pressure gauge during the working process. Release the pressure-regulating screw of the reducer before closing the oxygen cylinder valve and slowly drain the gas from the pressure reducer to protect the spring and relief valve from damage. After work, the pressure reducer should be removed from the cylinder and properly preserved.


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