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How to Install Your Keg Coupler
Sep 27, 2018

To install your keg coupler to your kegerator, you must first attach the CO2 regulator to the CO2 cylinder. Make sure that the cylinder is filled and the valve is closed. Then, securely pair up the regulator to the CO2 cylinder. Attach the gas line to the “gas out” port on the regulator and secure in place with a clamp. Then, attach the other end of the gas line to the “gas in” port on the coupler. Next, attach the beer line to the liquid out port on the coupler.

Now, you are ready to connect the coupler to the keg. Ensure that the CO2 cylinder vale is in the “off” position and the pull handle of the coupler is in the diagonal/upper position. Find the locking neck on the kegerator, and turn the coupler clockwise 25°. Then, pull out on the handle, push it down into the keg valve and release the handle. This will lock the coupler in place and securely attach it to the kegerator.


With the coupler attached to the keg, slowly turn on the CO2 cylinder. At this point, you will hear gas flowing from the CO2 cylinder and regulator through the keg coupler and into the keg. Pull on the pressure relief valve to allow gas to vent and give you an accurate reading on the pressure gauge, then calibrate the regulator to the recommended serving pressure for your beer. You are now ready to serve your own draft beer.

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