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How To Use Beer Line Cleaning Vessel Safely
Sep 28, 2018

1. When Use the beer line cleaning Vessel, the wine spear should not be removed to avoid accidents caused by high pressure in the barrel.

2. Do not directly heat the beer line cleaning canister to prevent the high pressure caused by heating.

3. Avoid the dangerous operation of throwing, dragging and rolling, which may lead to the deformation or damage of the beer line cleaning canister, so as to avoid potential risks in the process of use

Beer kegs do not contain highly corrosive liquids

5. The  beer line cleaning Vessel needs to be cleaned by a professional beer barrel cleaner. It is not recommended to remove the beer spear by itself

6. It is recommended to leave a small amount of space in the barrel for filling, so as to avoid the beer being too full. When the temperature is raised, the pressure in the barrel will rise and damage the spear valve

7. The beer spear cannot be disassembled and disassembled to avoid improper installation and air leakage

8. If the rubber part of the wine spear is damaged, it must be replaced and used again

9. The wine spear must be removed with special tools

10. If it is necessary to remove the wine spear, please use the dispenser to empty the air in the wine barrel before disassembly, so as to avoid the danger of personnel injury caused by high pressure in the barrel


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