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How To Deal With Beer Foaming
Oct 05, 2018

Many stores are troubled by the bubble, and we give you a summary of the reasons for the bubble. I hope to help everyone.

  1. Check the pressure of the gas meter. The yellow beer is controlled at about 0.2, the dark beer is about 0.25, and the pure pulp is about 0.3. Note: 1) The pressure must be fine-tuned 2) Whether the cylinder has steam.


2. Check the cooling effect of the machine. At least 5-6CM thick ice layer should be installed in the water-cooled beer machine. The power supply should be connected all the time. To a certain temperature, the temperature controller will control the compressor to stop working. In winter, the amount can be adjusted to 3 grades and adjusted to 5 grades in summer.

3. The speed of playing alcohol. The speed of the wine must be moderate. The wine should feel like a free fall and fall naturally. This can be achieved by adjusting the flow bar on the side of the wine.


4. The connection of the dispenser. The longest pipe inside the machine should be connected to the yellow beer and the puree. The reason is that the sales of the yellow beer are large, and a longer path is needed to cool the beer. The raw pulp has a high concentration of malt and therefore has a large foam and requires a lower temperature.


5. Check for leaks. Check the connected wine pipe and air pipe for leaks or leaks.

6. Clean the condenser suction net. Frequently clean the dust and debris on the suction net of the condenser to maintain a good heat dissipation effect.

7. There is more foam when you just change the wine or the barrel is empty, because there is air in the wine tube.


Thank you for reading.

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