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How To Choose Sanitary Ware
Sep 06, 2018

1, think twice about choosing a bathtub.

We from the bathing environment, if our toilet decoration design area is not large, we suggest that we abandon the bathtub. We will find that the bathtub occupies a larger space, but many people do not use it frequently. If you want to choose such a product, you must ensure the quality, try to choose some big brands of products.

2, how to choose toilet

Generally choose the toilet to choose the appearance of lubrication clean, easy to clean, which is very important to maintain the sanitary space. How to choose the toilet? Touch the toilet with your hands. If you don't feel uneven, and feel the glaze and the body feel very delicate, the quality of the toilet will be guaranteed. The high-grade toilet has reached the request of all-ceramic because of the high temperature when it is fired, so it will feel heavy on your hands. When choosing a hot-firing toilet, tap the toilet quietly with your hands. If the tapping sound is hoarse and not loud, the toilet may crack or the product may not be cooked.

Tips for sanitary ware selection

1. Choose the ceramic as far as possible when choosing, how to choose the bathroom but also to consider the details of washbasin, faucet, as far as possible to choose the ceramic, there are many glass washbasins, if we do not choose, choose some poor materials, it will be possible to bury the hidden dangers of safety. Do not think that the faucet is a small object, just casual perfunctory, we should try to choose brand products.

2. When choosing ceramic class, the quality of the billet is directly determined by the quality of the billet. We should try our best to choose high-temperature pottery firing above 800 degrees, such products are not easy to crack, cold and hot resistance is good. Second, glaze: glaze brand, glaze thickness, and firing technology are directly decided by the effect of cleaning glaze, self-cleaning can be strong, low permeability. Third look at accessories: the current good water are imported PVC materials, vacuum irrigation technology, corrosion resistance and anti-rust performance and leakage performance are greatly improved.

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