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Beer Taps Enter German Homes
Oct 04, 2018

According to official statistics, the average German drinks 138L of beer per person per year, equivalent to about 400ml of beer for every man, woman and child.At the age of 16, teens in Germany can start drinking legally, and from that point on, it's as deep as the sea.There are reasons to drink beer every day, college graduation, birthday, marriage, birth, and promotion.Without these big events?So a party of friends, the sun is just right, even if you feel thirsty, you should drink.


After 1328, the augustinian monastery brewery was building, the oldest brewery in Munich that still produces a distinctively German style of beer. One of the most popular among germans, Augustiner Helles, comes from a brewery where even the Pope is powdered.It is less bitter than white beer, and is distinguished by the mellow flavor of the malt.To get a taste of what the Pope was like, people in Munich wanted to taste the history.


Rigorous German craftsmanship has remained unchanged for centuries, as has the brewing technology.In 1516, for the sake of pure brewing technology, the then duke of Bavaria, William iv of Germany, ordered a strict "code of purity" : only water, malt, hops and yeast were allowed to produce beer.This is the oldest food law document in human history.This law has been passed from generation to generation, and has been strictly observed till now, over 500 years.

As it turns out, beer brewed using the purer method tastes more mellow.Because of this, German beer became the synonym of pure beer!


In Germany, whose population is far less than that of jiangsu, zhejiang and Shanghai, there are more than 1,300 brewers all over the country, producing over 5,000 types of beer.Generally speaking, German beer can be divided into four categories: white beer, clear beer, dark beer and kirsch beer.White beer has a strong, less bitter taste and is lubricated.It is cold, clear and pale yellow, the bitterest of all German beers.Stout is the most dark of colors, with a light coffee-like brown and slightly sweet taste.Kirsch is very light in color and has less bitter taste than ale.

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