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The quality of tap valve determines its water saving performance
Sep 06, 2018

When it comes to water saving, the size control of water flow is often the core indicator for consumers to measure the performance of faucets. However, Ms. Zhang, a consumer, said of her distress: "After installing water-saving faucets, the size of the water flow has changed significantly, but for a long time it has not been found that much water is saved."

In fact, in addition to controlling the size of water flow, water-saving faucets should also have the ability to reduce leakage. Yan Jing, general manager of Beijing Millennium Lejia Building Materials, said that some of the old tap spool will choose rubber, rubber material, relatively low cost, but the occurrence of high frequency of dripping, water-saving effect is very unsatisfactory. Generally speaking, the ceramic valve core has more stable physical properties, better sealing and longer service life.

Poor quality ceramic seals may also be sensitive to sand and stone in the water, scratches, leakage situation, need to be repaired and replaced in time, once the formation of a linear flow, it is likely not only not to save water, but also become a source of waste of water, but also to try to choose large brands of products, to avoid buying from small shops. At the same time, copper spool, stainless steel spool is also more common in the market, need to remind consumers that metal spool on the quality of material requirements are higher, once the rust, scale and other substances, will cause pollution to the water quality.

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