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Selection method of water saving tap
Sep 06, 2018

At present, the so-called water-saving faucets refer to the ceramic sheet sealed nozzles (water-saving nozzles) which meet the requirements of CJ 164-2002 "Water-saving household water appliances". This is the kind of 2 million water-saving faucets distributed to the public by the Beijing municipal government free of charge. Its so-called water-saving is relative to the cast iron spiral lifting tap for water-saving effect is very limited.

The purpose of water saving tap is to solve the problem of saving water and preventing flooding.

Water saving faucet selection rule 1: water saving

When choosing a water-saving faucet, ask if the effluent flow rate is maintained at about 6 liters per minute to achieve water-saving purposes. In addition, some faucets have a flow limiting spool and honeycomb-shaped flow limiting sheet, which not only allows water to foam out, limiting the flow rate, but also allows users to feel more soft water flow, while feeling hydraulic abundant.

Water saving faucet rule 2: durability

Whether the water-saving faucet is durable or not, the surface treatment process is very important. A good water-saving faucet is intact after more than 4 hours of acid high temperature test. In addition, due to the reasonable internal structure, the water-saving faucet is not easy to occur drip leakage and damage, after hundreds of thousands of switches can still be operated freely.

Water saving faucet selection rule 3: humanization

There is a kind of pull-out kitchen faucet on the market, with columnar water, and spray water two ways, in the flower sprinkler top button can easily achieve conversion, clean and convenient, but also can pull 1.5 meters long stainless steel hose, easy to reach where you need it, so that cleaning becomes fun.

Water saving faucet Rule 4: easy to clean

The kitchen fume is bigger, the surface of the tap is easy to lose luster after repeated cleaning, and may appear coating discoloration, peeling phenomenon, so, buy water-saving tap must understand its warranty period, it is understood that generally should not less than 3 years.

Water saving faucet selection rule 5: environmental protection

The content of lead in water is mainly caused by the erosion of water channels by water bodies. After the realization of direct drinking water in the United States, strict "lead content requirements" have been put forward for water quality, pipes and taps. Water-saving tap water pipeline shall be made of fine copper or stainless steel. Low temperature welding technology shall be used between the tap bodies of the intake pipes, and special welding materials shall be used without contaminants.

Water saving faucet rule 6: convenience

Good water-saving tap design takes into account the needs of a variety of cleaning methods, such as 1.1 meters long vegetable flower sprinkler, can pull out and spray vegetables and other things, can clean general cleaning appliances can not reach the corner. Good water-saving faucet must cooperate with sink to embody its advantages. Traditional sink sewer will be blocked because of the accumulation of residue. Convenient super-large cage-lifting sewer will increase the storage space of garbage and is not easy to block up. The design of the post outlet can prevent stagnant water.

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