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How to select beer equipment
Sep 06, 2018

There is a stable beer equipment, the operation can be simple and complex, but the equipment must be stable, temperature control must be stable, time control is accurate, equipment pressure is good and so on, human factors to minimize the interference in the product, standardize the traditional beer technology, IPA and other beer to make characteristics.

For breweries, grinding is a system, divided into dry grinding and wet grinding, the main process is from raw material silo to silo, grinding and then air supply, the whole process of permanent magnet cylinder iron removal and other impurities.

The saccharification process is divided into one saccharification process and two saccharification process. The temperature and time control requirements are relatively high. The ordinary brewery is five saccharification, and the refined beer is up to four saccharification.

Because we essentially want to eliminate the addition of auxiliary materials such as rice corn syrup, so we remove the gelatinization pot, if continuous production, the saccharification part also needs to add a hot water tank, which can save energy and is more conducive to the saccharification process of washing up.

Control of fermentation process. The temperature and pressure are accurate. Ensure accurate control of the whole process. The parts on the fermentor are required to be high.

The CIP cleaning system before making wine is more important. The seven-point hygienic and three-point process is more important than the cleaning system. The hygienic control of the individual in the process is also very important. The time spent is to master the time of dry casting and pay attention to hygiene. Time and technology are not much to say, mainly in the main fermentation process of dry casting, otherwise a can of wine will be wasted.

In fact, this is under certain equipment conditions, is the control system and ice water system with the failure rate of the situation must be well controlled, the so-called good control is the choice of re-components, stability must be good

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