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How to choose a shower taps
Sep 06, 2018

A good shower faucet can make you feel comfortable in hot water bath, but also an important tool to relax your mind. However, there are many kinds of shower faucets on the market, and the price varies greatly. How to choose a good shower faucet becomes an important issue. Today Xiaobian has arranged some guide for selecting shower faucets to help you choose high-quality shower faucets.

Guide 1: self cleaning and lasting use

The cleaning of shower faucet will affect the service life of shower faucet. Now the shower faucet on the market is diversified and beautiful, but the silica gel faucet is more convenient to clean, because in the case of mild blockage, it can be squeezed or needle dredged silica gel outlet. In addition, if you look closely, you can also see that some shower faucet outlets are exposed, so it is easier to clean up.

Because of calcium containing water, stains and detergents, shower faucets must have durability.

The function of quick descaling, through QuickClean technology, can make the residue disappear by manual rotation. The shower faucet is equipped with a water oscillator and movable silicone velvet so that stains and dirt can be easily removed.

Guideline two: select spool.

Ceramic spool is undoubtedly the best choice for shower faucets. Compared with the common steel ball valve core, the ceramic valve core is more prominent in sealing, and feel more comfortable, smooth, and can achieve a high number of open times, and open and close quickly, to solve the problem of drip leakage.

Guideline three: choose innovative technology

After the shower faucet is turned on, the water flows gently and comfortably without splashing around, which is the result of AirPower's air injection technology. Through the large area of inhaled air, the droplets become more full and soft.

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