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Cleaning steps for milking machine accessories
Sep 06, 2018

Milking is very familiar to our dairy operators, so many cleaning problems we do not know how to operate, we are here to explain how to correctly clean milking machine accessories.

One step: pre-flushing, the equipment immediately after use with 35 ~ 40 degrees of warm water flushing until water clarification, cleaning water can not be reused.

Two steps: cycle cleaning, cycle cleaning 5 to 10 minutes, keep the water temperature 80 to 85 degrees centigrade, the water temperature is not lower than 40 degrees centigrade when discharged after the cycle cleaning, in order to ensure the cleaning effect and avoid accidents, do not directly use the barrel to add cleaning agent to the tank.

The three step: after rinse, clean cold water rinse, the time is about 5 minutes. After washing, the system will be drained thoroughly through the low point of the equipment, such as opening the bottom drain valve.

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