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Beer preservation barrels are important to use
Sep 06, 2018

Summer, because the temperature is too high, beer bucket drop once very difficult, start-up time will be longer and stop time will be shorter, but also lead to the compressor in high temperature long time task, the formation of damage to the piston and cylinder, power consumption will rise, neither economic nor reasonable. If hit in 2 or 3 gear, start time and stop time will become balanced, energy-saving return, but also reduce wear and tear, increase the use of beer bucket life. 

Others can use low temperature compensation to adjust the temperature of the beer bucket, so the installation of the beer bucket in the low temperature winter can also be normal task, the case temperature is lower than 16 degrees when the need to turn over low temperature compensation or low temperature switch. Also pay attention to the situation that the temperature can not be lower than 10 degrees, the thermostat will be set to a strong position, the time to start will be longer.

Adjusting the temperature of beer fresh-keeping bucket accurately and reasonably can not only promote the normal operation of beer fresh-keeping bucket, but also increase the life of beer fresh-keeping bucket. In fact, everyone knows the truth of beer bucket, is that the compressor through the physical transformation of the compressor coolant, to the beer bucket refrigeration results. This is only the beer bucket itself, but he will be affected by external conditions, especially in the hot weather and winter when the temperature change is comparatively large, external conditions will affect the operation of the beer bucket. In winter, household beer buckets and beer buckets are not affected by external temperature because of the constant room temperature. However, such as supermarket beer buckets, instant store display beer buckets, refrigerated cabinets and other storage addresses are not fixed, the impact of external conditions is relatively large. 

The refrigeration temperature skill of beer fresh-keeping barrel needs to be controlled between 0 and 10 degrees, so that beer fresh-keeping barrel can operate normally. But the cold-storage condition is comparatively low in winter, and the cold-storage can easily reach the set temperature. If the temperature is lower than the set temperature, the refrigeration result of beer fresh-keeping barrel can not be achieved. Ordinarily in winter, the gear should be played above 4 degrees suitable, if the temperature is lower than 16 degrees, can be adjusted to 5, below 10 degrees, can be played to 6 or 7, can show the normal operation of the beer bucket, storage equipment will not be affected by external conditions.

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