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4 practical tips for choosing showers head
Sep 06, 2018

There are two kinds of top jetting in the market, one is round, the other is square. How should we choose?

Be sure to choose the top spray that is suitable for your shoulder width, because the shower fun it brings is totally different. When taking a bath, the whole body is surrounded by water, feel most comfortable, so choose the width of the top sprinkler is best with your shoulder width, and to achieve the best shower effect, hand-held sprinkler is essential.

In fact, hand-held flower sprinkler daily use the most frequency, then in the choice of hand-held flower sprinkler, or choose to use comfortable hand-held flower sprinkler. Well, the question is, how big is the hand held shower?

Most hand-held flower sprinklers are sizes from 65mm to 85mm now. It is recommended that you choose the larger size because you can use the hand-held flower sprinkler as the top spray. The larger the size, the more comfortable we can enjoy the shower.

Water saving is the hard truth.

Speaking of this, some people will say that the size of the sprinkler must be large water consumption, of course, the use of costs will increase. However, Xiaoya wants to say that such worries are absolutely unnecessary.

Most of the sprinklers have 15 liters of water, while all of our water-saving sprinklers now have only 9 liters of water, saving up to 40 percent of the water.

Water-saving flower sprinkler is equipped with special water-saving device and air injection mode, so it can save water and ensure the shower effect. If it is smart and elegant, then of course, it is still the choice of Hansgoya water-saving flower sprinkler, value for money and save water and energy.

Use the effluent mode to the extreme.

Sprinklers generally have a variety of water outlet patterns, and how to use them to the extreme, we must study them carefully.

Air type rain shower, water into the air, it is full of spray, we recommend washing the body when using.

Rain shower style, strong cut column more concentrated, especially suitable for women when shampooing only, can quickly wash the shampoo clean, while the scalp has a local massage effect.

Whirl whirlpool massage, when you've finished your entire shower, switches this mode to give acupoints a massage that relieves tension and fatigue in the neck and shoulders. Spiral whirlpools are like the fingers of a masseur walking slowly on your skin.

Careful little buddies will find that you can use these three types of water every time you take a bath, which is cost-effective.

Convenient and clean experience.

Almost all of the sprinklers are filled with silica gel. The better the sprinkler is, the softer the silica gel is. Because of the alternation of hot and cold water when taking a bath, good silica gel is not easy to aging and blocked by scale, clean up is also very convenient.

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